Distinguished McKnight University Professor, University of Minnesota School of Law

Alexandra Klass

Interviewers: David Spence, Interview date: December 14, 2018

Network Infrastructure: Permitting & Eminent Domain

by Alex Klass

“In these times of uncertainty and change, how do we decide what to build?  Pipelines and transmission lines are designed to last 40 years or 50 years or more. Maybe we should be transporting more oil by rail, with appropriate safety standards.”


“Landowners and property rights advocates, working together with environmental groups, are challenging the notion that pipelines are a ‘public use.’”

Alex Klass teaches and writes in the areas of energy law, environmental law, natural resources law, tort law, and property law.  She is Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota, a Member Scholar at the Center for Progressive Reform, and a Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.

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