Associate professor of law, smu dedman school of law

James Coleman

Interviewer: David Spence, Interview date:  11/7/18


The Difficulty of Siting Pipelines and Transmission Lines

by James Coleman

“Right now we are wasting natural gas and wind power because we haven’t build the pipelines and power lines to bring those products to market. … You have the problem of state-by-state approval—the ‘three state’ problem [in which the crossover state denies approval of the network infrastructure].”

“There has been bipartisan agreement that the Environmental Impact Statement process for major infrastructure projects is taking too long.”

James Coleman is Associate Professor of Law at SMU’s Dedman School of Law. Coleman’s scholarship addresses regulation of North American energy companies, with a focus on trade and infrastructure issues. His holds a B.A. in biology and  J.D. from Harvard University.

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