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[Sticky] Welcome! Here are the Rules for the Discussion Board

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WHO: This is a discussion board for energy/environmental policy experts and others whose jobs require them to think about energy or environmental policy and the green energy transition. Participation is by approval of the moderators, and anonymity is prohibited. To join, click here.

WHAT: The subject matter domain of this discussion board (and of this website) is “tradeoffs associated with the green energy transition.” Any topics, discussions or questions that fall within that domain are welcome.  Just as journal editors reserve the right to reject articles that fall outside the domain of their journals, discussion threads that fall outside the domain of this web site may be deleted. For example, this is not a place to argue about whether climate change is real, is human driven, or is an urgent problem. Affirmative answers to these questions form the working premise for all discussion on this website.  Nor is this the place to denigrate the importance of talking about the tradeoffs discussed here, or the discussion of those tradeoffs. This site was created to facilitate just the exchange of views among people who think these value choices and tradeoffs are important and worth discussing. For more about the web site’s purpose, browse the tabs under the “about” menu on the site home page.

HOW: This discussion board is for civil, respectful, exchanges of views – the kind of exchange you might expect to have in person with someone at a meeting or conference. Maintaining civility can be difficult in online forums like this one. Everyone here is an expert, but each participant brings different disciplinary perspectives, norms, and beliefs about tradeoffs to the discussion. Those who disagree with you may have reasons for doing so that you have not anticipated or imagined; please try to resist the temptation to ascribe ignorance, bias or ill will to those who sees these issues differently than you do.

Just as journal editors seek to maintain a scholarly tone in journals, so will the moderators of this site reserve the right to delete posts that include name-calling, personal insults, ad hominem attacks, and the like.

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