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Is more rooftop solar particularly helpful in ERCOT?

David Spence
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I saw an EDF tweet recently about rooftop solar helping to keep the lights on, presumably because it reduces net load during afternoon peaks when supply might otherwise be tight.  By that logic, in ERCOT where reserve margins have been below targets, rooftop solar ought to be particularly helpful reducing the probability of supply shortages and outages. The ERCOT region experienced $9000 per megawatt our prices for several hours over the course of a couple of afternoons in August of this year, reflecting the scarcity of supply.

Q:  If we had had more rooftop solar on the system during those supply crunch periods, would that have helped all customers (by lowering the prices they paid for power) but hurt system generators (by reducing their profits)? Would the less profitable of those system resources eventually exit the system anyway, rebalancing supply and demand to a point where supply shortages (and $9k prices) ought to return?

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