Energy Affordability & the Green Transition

The poor tend to be impacted disproportionately by the pollution and climate change impacts of energy production, so a greener energy sector ought to mitigate those impacts. Many analysts contend that when social costs are included, the full cost of a green energy system may by lower than the full costs of the existing system. On the other hand, to the extent that a green transition increases the out-of-pocket price paid for energy (or housing or transportation), or rewards “behind the meter” generation and efficiency investments, the transition could hurt those who lack the means to cover those costs or make those investments.  These conversations discuss scholarship that addresses those issues.


Energy Poverty and the Green Transition

Dana Harmon

Executive Director, Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute

The Distributional Effects of Distributed Generation

Shelley Welton

Assistant Professor of Law, Univ. of South Carolina

The Best Route to Net-Zero Emissions

Jesse Jenkins

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment

Net Metering & the Value of Distributed Solar Generation

Joel Eisen & Shelley Welton

Prof. Eisen is at Univ. of Richmond Law School and Prof. Welton is at Univ. of South Carolina School of Law

California's Energy Transition: Decarbonization and Decentralization

Michael Wara

Senior Research Scholar, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment & Fellow, Stanford Law School

Tinkering with Energy Tradeoffs Online

Joshua Rhodes

Research Associate, University of Texas Energy Institute

Economic Growth, Inequality & Decarbonization

Carey King

Research Scientist and Assistant Directory, University of Texas Energy Institute

Modeling Decarbonization in the West

Arne Olson

Senior Partner, E3 

June 12, 2019

Energy Poverty, Energy Burden and Rooftop Solar

Victoria Mandell

GRID Alternatives Colorado

June, 2019

Energy Justice

Sanya Carley

Professor, Indiana University O’Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs

July, 2019

How to Value Distributed Resources

Scott Burger

Analytics Lead, Form Energy & Lecturer, MIT Center for Environmental Policy Research

October 3, 2019

Carbon Taxes: The Evolving Conventional Wisdom

Sheila Olmstead

Professor of Public Policy, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas

January 23, 2020

Just Transitions

Anne Eisenberg

Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law

February 13, 2020

Renewable Natural Gas & A Decarbonized Energy Future

Michael Webber

Josey Centennial Professor of Energy Resources, University of Texas, and Chief Science & Technology Officer, ENGIE

March 27, 2020