New Energy Infrastructure and the Green Transition

America’s energy infrastructure needs investment to maintain its effectiveness and meet new market needs. Any transition to a greener electricity sector will require construction of an enormous amount of new renewable generation and the transmission lines necessary to get that power to market. Siting energy infrastructure has become increasingly difficult; the social, political and regulatory barriers to entry are high in many places. These conversations discuss scholarship that address those issues.


The Difficulty of Siting Pipelines and Transmission Lines

James Coleman

Associate Professor of Law, SMU Dedman School of Law

Network Infrastructure: Permitting and Eminent Domain

Alexandra Klass

Distinguished McKnight University Professor, University of Minnesota Law School

The Politics of Siting New Energy Infrastructure

David Spence

Baker Botts Chair in Law, University of Texas School of Law, Professor of Business, Government & Society, McCombs School of Business

Intensive Energy Development (Oil & Gas, Wind & Solar) in West Texas

Melinda Taylor

Senior Lecturer, University of Texas School of Law

The Best Route to Net Zero Emissions

Jesse Jenkins

Environmental Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Fossil Fuels and the Risk Profile of Fracking

Daniel Raimi

Research Associate, Resources for the Future

Deep Decarbonization -- Legal Impediments to Massive Renewables Build-Out

Michael Gerrard

Andrew Sabin Professor of Practice & Director, Sabin Center on Climate Change, Columbia Law School

July, 2019

Social License and Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Kristen van de Biezenbos

Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Faculty of Law and Haskayne School of Business

July, 2019

Private Energy -- Private Law & the Green Transition

Yael Lifshitz

Lecturer in Law, Kings College London

August 7, 2019

Energy Exactions

Jim Rossi & Christopher Serkin

Lansden Chair (Rossi) and Ridley Chair (Serkin) in Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

August 29, 2019

Regulating Fracking's Risks to Water

Caroline Cecot

Assistant Professor, Scalia Law School, George Mason University

October 14, 2019

Balancing the Local Costs with the Wider Benefits of Energy Development

Hannah Wiseman

Attorneys Title Professor of Law, Florida State College of Law

October 30, 2019

Public Attitudes on Energy & Climate

David Konisky

Professor, O’Neill School of Public & Environmental Affairs, Indiana University

February 7, 2020

The Green New Deal Meets Old Green Laws

J.B. Ruhl

David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

February 19, 2020

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